Orange Corners Applications


Orange Corners Applications

Orange Corners is an initiative of the Kingdom of The Netherlands that provides young entrepreneurs across Africa and the Middle East with the necessary training, networks, and facilities to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurial leaders. The Netherlands Embassy in Ghana plans to launch Orange Corners Ghana in September 2019.

By connecting stakeholders of the local startup ecosystem, such as incubators and co-working spaces, local, Dutch and international companies and established knowledge institutes, Orange Corners brings together in a physical location a vibrant and diverse network of actors that together develop effective programs that support entrepreneurs. Additionally, the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana is creating a funding mechanism to provide young entrepreneurs in Ghana with access to “Missing Middle” investment tickets.

Orange Corners is a public-private partnership, meaning that the program is funded through a collaboration between the Dutch government and various private partners. As an Orange Corner partner, you help improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ghana and create jobs for youth, while simultaneously becoming part of the Orange Corners network and getting access to talent and innovative solutions to your local challenges.


Kindly Note: 

There will be an information session about the orange corners program this Wednesday 24th July from 3-4PM at the Ghana Innovation Hub in the Accra Digital Center.


For more information about becoming an Orange Corners partner, please contact Jinte Veldman at

To read more about Orange Corners, visit

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