The Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2019


The Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2019

Are you an entrepreneur with a growth objective? Or a business leader with the ambition to positively impact the company you are working for? Then join our Ghana Business Star Growth Program 2019!

The GBSGP is a training course for entrepreneurs and business leaders in Ghana who want to grow their business, it offers interactive training sessions, off- and online modules and business coaching. You can read more about the program in the attached flyer or at


You can register for the program by sending an email to or Please feel free to reach out as well in case you need more information.

About the Ghana Business Star Program and the organizers
The GBSGP is a joint initiative of The Next Organization from the Netherlands and GNBCC in Ghana. It aims to support business leaders and entrepreneurs in Ghana to grow their business. This is done through masterclasses on topics like business plan, financial management, HR and marketing. These masterclasses are further complemented by an online platform and business coaching and networking opportunities.

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