GNBCC Cocktail Hosted by Agrona & Comexas in Tema and Dutch Entrepreneur Day Award Ceremony


GNBCC Cocktail Hosted by Agrona & Comexas in Tema and Dutch Entrepreneur Day Award Ceremony

Yesterday evening, GNBCC held its monthly cocktail at the Agrona Tower in the Tema Main Harbor, opposite Ghacem. The cocktail was jointly sponsored by GNBCC Premium Members Agrona and Comexas. Again, just like last year, this yearly Tema cocktail was very successful with a lot of our Tema Members as well as guests from Agrona and Comexas in attendance.

Because of the distance to Accra, the cocktail started early and was held at the top terrace of the Agrona building with a magnificent view of Tema Port. It was a very nice evening with about 70 people in attendance. The cocktail was opened by Mr. Rogier Streefkerk, GM of Agrona who introduced GNBCC's Tjalling Wiarda who welcomed everybody and especially thanked Agrona’s MD Jan van Groningen and Comexas Country Manager Sebastien Jacobs for sponsoring. He then introduced the Netherlands Ambassador Mr. Ron Strikker. 

Mr. Strikker told the audience about the Dutch Entrepreneur Day (, a celebration of MKBs in The Netherlands (Small and Medium Enterprises Organization of The Netherlands). In light of this day, the Embassy honored and granted a prize to the MD’s of Jolinaiko Eco Tours (, Mrs. Cindy Panou Noordermeer and Apollo Panou to celebrate their courage, perseverance, and contribution to business life in Ghana. Mr. Strikker spoke extensively about the success of Jolinaiko and the important role of Cindy and Apollo in creating this successful company.

Jolinaiko Eco Tours is a Ghana-based travel company offering personally tailored guided tours and other travel experiences to Ghana, Togo, Benin, and Burkina Faso. They are the preferred local tour operator for many specialized travel agencies in Europe, North America, and the Middle East. Jolinaiko Eco Tours was founded in 2001 by Apollo and was joined by Cindy in 2006. The success of the company is mainly based on Apollo and Cindy’s shared personal characteristics which are dedication, enthusiasm, idealism, pragmatism, and loyalty. They have a passion for the African continent and like to share this with others. Jolinaiko is a longstanding Member of GNBCC and Cindy has been Board Member of GNBCC since this year’s AGM.

After a thank you speech by both Apollo and Cindy, the cocktail continued with snacks, drinks, and nice background music.

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