Information on Visa Application from the Royal Netherlands Embassy - Consular Affairs


Information on Visa Application from the Royal Netherlands Embassy - Consular Affairs

To GNBCC Members who are planning to travel to The Netherlands (and need a VISA)

Visa applications

As most of you will know, the process for visa applications for the Netherlands (and the wider Schengen area) has gone through a number of changes during the last two years.

Firstly, as most members will know, since January 2018 visa applications must be submitted at the VFS Global Office in Accra.

Secondly, since May 2019, all decisions on visa applications are not any longer be taken at the Regional Support Office (RSO) in Accra but at the Central Support Office in The Hague. The RSO has, as part of a centralization process, been relocated to The Hague.

To be able to submit their visa applications, applicants will need to book an online appointment for a date to submit the application. Please bear in mind that at present, mainly to the high demand, waiting times for getting an appointment can go up to 6 weeks or more. The processing time at the CSO will usually be 15 calendar days, so that is 2 weeks to be added to the first 6 weeks.

Applicants are therefore advised to start the process to apply for a visa as early as possible, in short: very early! It is therefore advised strongly to start the application process as early as 2 months before the date of the intended journey.

Those applicants who for urgent travel reasons need to get the visa much earlier than the waiting time would permit, are requested to go ahead and make the appointment at the VFS Global Office anyway on the first date the system gives. Immediately thereafter, they should send an email or call VFS with a well-justified request to reschedule the appointment. VFS Global will do its utmost, depending on the waiting list, to schedule a new, earlier, date for the appointment. Please note that also in such a case, the 15 calendar days (processing time) will have to be added.

The Embassy is very well aware of the need to shorten the total handling time of visa applications as the current delays may cause inconveniences to applicants and is trying to find, in close consultation with the CSO in the Hague and the VFS Global Office in Accra, ways, and means to improve the situation.

This appears however easier said than done and will take some time.


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