NBC 2020 - Companies Can Now Register to Participate in the 2020 edition!


NBC 2020 - Companies Can Now Register to Participate in the 2020 edition!

The New Business Challenge Ghana will be organized for the 7th time in the summer of 2020 and there is place for 5 companies that are doing business in Ghana.

Why participate?

During the NBC, Dutch and Ghanaian students will be working on solutions for business challenges of companies working in both the Netherlands and Ghana. There is a program in place for the students, including study trips and workshops, which is designed to maximize their development and to arrive at the best possible solution for the business challenge.

28 Dutch companies have already participated in the previous editions of the NBC and they indicated that their participation benefited them as follows:

  • They gained fresh ideas for business challenges;
  • Got insights for new business and future projects;
  • Increased their network of relevant business partners;
  • Were able to showcase their services and products to potential new customers;
  • Increased access to new talent. 24% of the participants did an internship at one of the companies.
  • The companies rewarded the quality of the participants with an average of 8,1 and the solutions with a 7,5.

Experience of participating company

Closing the Loop (participating company in 2019) is a striking example of a company that benefited enormously from their participation. They used one of the solutions for their business propositions and are now implementing it. “The advantage of the NBC is that the participants are still fresh and can think objectively about the problem. They don’t see the obstacles we might see, which enables them to be more innovative in their solutions” says the business representative of Closing the Loop, Reinhardt Smit. Read more about their experience here.


We do not ask a monetary fee for participation but ask all companies to commit to the program, invest time in guiding the participants, and mostly that they are interested in young entrepreneurial minds. Since a program is in place for the participants and the teams work mostly independently, the amount of time spent by representatives is relatively low.

Register for the NBC 2020

Are you a company that is doing business in Ghana and are you interested to participate in the 2020 edition? You can contact Ileen via ileen@gnbcc.net for more information.


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