Education in Ireland Fair


Education in Ireland Fair

14 Irish Universities & Colleges are in Accra on 10th March 2020, to meet with Ghanaian Students considering Ireland as a location for their International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies. 

There’s never been a time when the value of spending time studying, living and working in another country has been greater. As global citizens, the more we listen, learn and understand each other the richer all of our societies will be.

Every day in Ireland more than 160,000 international students undertake short term, undergraduate and postgraduate studies. By choosing Ireland, students can join communities of researchers, academics and commercial innovators collaborating and co-creating solutions for the myriad of challenges and opportunities the 21st Century poses.

Ireland, an English speaking country at the heart of Europe, has a wide global reach in today’s world. Our graduates bring more than their world-class Irish education and globally-recognized qualifications with them on their life journeys. They leave with much more. Through education, life and work experience our graduates develop key skills that many employers prioritize such as:

• An ability to lead

• The practice of effective collaboration

• Creativity, agility and critical thinking

Passport to global success.

No matter where you choose to pursue your career, your Irish qualifications will be recognized and highly regarded all over the world.

Warmest of welcomes in a safe, English-speaking country

As a small, English-speaking country on the western edge of Europe, Ireland has a well-earned reputation for the warmth of its welcome and for providing a safe and supportive environment to those who choose to study among us. By International standards, we are amongst the safest and most stable countries in the world, and feature in the Top Twenty in the Global Peace Index 2019.

Qualifications that count, skills that matter

Ireland is a country that embodies creativity, agility, and a pioneering spirit to deliver education that creates graduates with unique skills and the right qualifications for the world today. Ireland has a centuries-old tradition of educational excellence, a tradition we are proud of and committed to maintaining. Today, graduates from Irish universities are welcomed by employers in every industry and in every corner of the globe. A degree from an Irish Higher Education Institution is a fast-track to opportunity – wherever you choose to work and live in future years.

World-class companies, world-leading opportunities

Ireland is home to the brightest and best global corporations and is a destination of choice for pretty much every global corporation that wants to establish a headquarters in Europe. Our exceptionally skilled workforce and graduate pool are uniquely positioned to access the opportunities the Irish business ecosystem creates.

Cutting out the red tape to make life easy for International Students

We value the contribution that international students make to Irish university life and welcome over 160,000 students from all over the world every year. There are students from 160+ countries, and close to 1500 from across Sub-Saharan Africa. To make it easy for you to pursue your studies in Ireland, the international teams in every college, university, and institute will help you settle in and answer your questions – even before you get here.

Third Level Graduate Scheme - Stay Back Option

There is a myriad of great career-starting opportunities for you in Ireland and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to access them. Under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme, non-European third level graduates can remain in Ireland for up to 24 months upon completion of studies to look for full-time employment. In addition, employers can hire graduates who are eligible to work for up to 40 hours per week. After 24 months of working, you may be eligible for the Green Card or Work Permit Scheme.

Your future, your choice

Choosing a course can be challenging, after all, you’re investing in your future. Ireland’s 31 higher education institutions offer a remarkable 5000+ quality assured programs. So while you have a lot of choices, you have always the reassurance that however diverse the range is, the courses lead to internationally recognized, Irish Government quality assured qualifications. Whether you want a strong, focused business school, a center of scientific and technological excellence, or a world-renowned English language, humanities, and arts faculty… you’ll find it in Ireland.

Student Fairs

Come and meet with the Irish Universities and Colleges at the Movenpick Hotel in Accra on 10th March.

More information is available at EI Facebook and EI Facebook– Ghana pages:

Student Registration for this free event is at:

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