COVID 19 Info. Sharing


COVID 19 Info. Sharing

The expectation is that it will level out but will only be contained between April and October 2021. The expectations are that 1:5 persons globally will become infected. Look at the recommendation by ISOS for a tiered response plan


“ISOS Travel Security and Health in Africa – the main message was that there was no need to panic, but that people/companies need to prepare. While. the virus is highly contagious, Malaria, for example, kills more people in Africa yearly.

Face masks are to be worn by ill people to prevent them from affecting healthy people – the droplets of the COVID19 Virus at approximately 3 meters can be up to 0.12 microns small as such neither a normal mask nor an N95 (Medical Mask) will prevent the virus microns from entering.

A healthy lifestyle and washing of hands at least five times a day with a sanitizer of which the alcohol level is at least 70% and higher will assist, and avoiding touching the face.

COVID19 is a Global issue and it is expected that 1 in 5 persons will be infected at its peak. It will be long-lasting and is seasonal and the epidemic is expected to last until at least April – October 20121 – as such the need for companies to prepare immediate Emergency Response Teams (to address immediate responses to the virus)  and able to activate Crisis Management Teams locally and both Internationally should the business become impacted on a large scale that will need for the CMT to be invoked. Business continuity plans are also essential as the impact of the epidemic will be felt in all industries. It is also expected that governments may start imposing increasingly draconian measures to try and contain the spread of the virus and this will both impact individuals and companies alike. Company response plans should ideally be tiered and triggers need to be defined :

  • Status Quo
  • Contained Cohorts (eg. self-quarantine)
  • Outbreak
  • Community Spread
  • Global Pandemic

COVID 19 is more contagious than the Spanish Flu but less lethal and it will be going everywhere as no airport is immune.

ISOS listed the following countries as high risk in Africa in order of risk (mainly because of the number of travelers and weakened health systems in place)

  1. Ethiopia (even if no case has been reported as yet from what we know)
  2. Egypt (one case reported already)
  3. Kenya (even if no case has been reported as yet from what we know)
  4. South Africa (even if no case has been reported as yet from what we know)
  5. Algeria (one case reported already)
  6. Morocco (one case reported this morning)
  7. Mauritius (even if no case has been reported as yet from what we know)
  8. Reunion (even if no case has been reported as yet from what we know)
  9. Nigeria (one case reported already)
  10. Tunisia (one case reported this morning – TBC)

Airport screening is not that effective and it must be pointed out that the incubation period can stretch longer than two weeks in some cases.

Only about 3-5% of persons infected with the COVID19 virus pass on and according to the latest statistics the following are common denominators with regards to fatalities:

  • Heart Disease
  • Hypertension
  • Mainly elderly males
  • Smokers
  • Age/frailty – age 80 and above
  • People with pre-disposed chronic illnesses are also at risk.


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Source: Omega Risk Solutions.


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