New Career Platform Organizes Successful Workshop   


New Career Platform Organizes Successful Workshop   

The New Career Platform organized another workshop, this time focusing on finding a job in the 21st century. The event was an interactive conversation hosted by GNBCC-member Minoek Wijs (Recruiter JobnetAfrica) and Jemila Abdulai (Founder and Creative Director

Over 45 determined job seekers gathered in the heart of Accra at the SB Incubator, a place that fosters entrepreneurship amongst the youth and women. The participants were eagerly waiting to get the latest insights on CV writing, online etiquette, networking and a perspective from the employers’ side.

The New Career Platform, initiator of the workshop, warmly welcomed all the participants. Coordinator Ileen Wilke (Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council) shared how they increased the number of participants due to the overwhelming amount of interest in the workshop. The high demand for the workshop clearly showed a need for guidance for entering the job market well prepared.

Trainer Jemila dived right into the purpose of the workshop by asking the participants ‘What does job searching in the 21st Century entail?’ and specifically, ‘why are you job searching?’ The participants shared that they were looking for a career change, a fulfilling job or a position that matches their skills-set. After focusing on the ‘why’, Jemila emphasized the tools to compete in the job market: ‘how do you stand out from the competition?’ Some essentials in your toolbox should be a CV, cover letter and an elevator pitch. All these tools are meant to spark interest, present your skills set and will hopefully open doors to an interview.


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