How is Africa handling The Crisis?  


How is Africa handling The Crisis?  

As the BBC reported the number of confirmed Corona cases had surpassed 2,000 over the weekend (a very small number compared to the 537,000 globally) the attitude of African countries differs sharply - just like in Europe. While Rwanda has been, together with Morocco and South Africa, among the first countries to go into lockdown, neighboring Burundi takes no measures at all. In Guinea, elections proceeded as if there is no health risk at all.

From the editorial article of our partners Newsletter from the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC) we found a very informative link to a website indicating through a dashboard the situation on the continent of Africa. This website containing the World Health Organization (WHO) Data gives a current overview of confirmed African COVID-19 cases.

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For the situation and updates on COVID- 19 cases in Ghana please visit the website of the Ghana Health Service at:

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