Editorial GNBCC Newsletter 


Editorial GNBCC Newsletter 

Will there be a lockdown or not in Ghana?

A lot of GNBCC contacts were informally indicating that they expect a lockdown to be imminent starting this Saturday. So far we see a thoughtful Government who states that any decision on a lockdown of the country will have to take into consideration all the implications on ordinary people. The speed of the increase of new COVID 19 cases is still moderate compared to South Africa but that can of course change.

It is quiet in the GNBCC Office because the staff is working from home and any meetings are done through Skype or WhatsApp. But we keep the office open and are here to answer or help with any of your questions or requests. We also do not know how long this will continue and when we can restart, for instance, our Monthly Cocktail. Project work has been put on hold for the time being, budgets need to be adapted and trade missions are postponed until at least after the summer.  Also, this pandemic will have its influence on our Members and their business operations. We also keep in contact with our subsidiaries in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Especially Liberia has its own challenges; next to the Corona virus, they have shortages in petrol & diesel as well as no electricity. Just to put everything in perspective, rather be in Ghana!

It has been now almost 15 days since when the COVID-19 pandemic entered Ghana. While short, mid and long-term effects of COVID-19 on Ghana’s political economy would be severe on all levels, we as GNBCC kindly ask you our Members to send us some feedback.  Can you share with us the challenges you face and how do you see the situation? Thank you in advance for any feedback sent.

Would like to end this editorial on a lighter note, the President of Liberia George Weah has launched his covid-19 awareness song. Maybe it helps…http://www.rfi.fr/en/africa/20200325-liberia-president-weah-sings-for-covid-19-awareness


Stay safe!

Please send you feedback on the challenges you face as a business and how you see the situation to Tjalling Wiarda at tjalling@gnbcc.net

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