Easter in Corona Times


Easter in Corona Times

Each year many of us look forward to the Easter celebrations starting with Good Friday. Unfortunately this year it’s totally overshadowed by the worldwide Corona pandemic. All the News on the Internet and on Television, all talk shows have only one subject: COVID-19. I am literally longing for a Corona free period.

Working from home in the second week of lockdown there is hope the lockdown will soon be over. The number of COVID-19 is now 313 (https://ghanahealthservice.org/covid19/) which is a lot less compared to a number of European countries. Let’s hope it stays this way; the situation in West Africa is different compared to Europe and maybe this difference results in lower numbers.

For many people across Ghana, Easter will look very different this year. There will be no church gatherings and no trips to the Beach or Hotels, and maybe even no celebratory meals with extended family and friends. But many Easter celebrations will still be taking place – just a little differently. Church services are going online, and maybe small egg hunts in the garden for the children or celebratory meals with the nuclear family. Be reminded that Easter celebrates the defeat of death and the hope of salvation.


Happy Easter to all our Members from the GNBCC Team and Board.

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