King’s Day 2020: Long Live the King!


King’s Day 2020: Long Live the King!

Monday is our National Day and this is the 1st time we cannot celebrate it in the normal and usual way due to Corona/COVID-19. I also refer to the message of our Ambassador, Hon. Mr. Ron Strikker in this Newsletter.

This year no Fuse It and not the usual highlight of the year, the King’s Day reception at our Ambassador’s residence. One time earlier the reception was adapted due to the shock which went through The Netherlands when the Royal Family was attacked in Apeldoorn by a disturbed person in 2009  (  ).  

Back home in the Netherlands, they have adapted the programme in order to still celebrate but “ from a distance” as follows:

King’s Day will start at 9:45 AM Dutch time with the bells ringing across the country. The National Aubade – An Aubade on King's Day is a typical Dutch tradition, where the people sing to the King-will be held at 10 a.m Dutch time: The National Anthem the  Wilhelmus will sound from doorways and balconies. King Willem-Alexander is then congratulated and a television program starts with a look back at previous King's Days. The bell rings for a digital free market on the internet at noon and the day ends at 4 pm Dutch time with the National Toast: a toast to the 53rd birthday of the King.


King's Day can be celebrated online this year on the special website; please visit

We from GNBCC wish you an enjoyable King’s Day and we hope next year we have conquered the COVID-19 and can celebrate our usual King’s Day!


Long live The King, Hooray, hooray, hooray !!


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