May Day in Ghana and Liberation Day in The Netherlands


May Day in Ghana and Liberation Day in The Netherlands

Dear Members,

We resent our Member survey this past week. The numbers after one week were a bit disappointing. Of the over 200 individual Members we only received a 10% to 12% response.

As of next week, we will start calling you, our Members in Ghana,  to find out how everybody is faring in these Covid-19 times, how the business is going, if you have filled in the Members survey and what your expectations and/or ideas are for GNBCC activities during this period.

We see for instance that our colleagues from the French Chamber are organizing all kinds of webinars most of them relating to Covid-19. But they are not the only ones; there are a lot of webinars on offer from different Chambers, organizations, and companies. Is that enough or are you missing webinars on specific subjects for which you have a great interest? Or are you fed up with all these webinars and want something completely different. Please let us know when we call you.

Tomorrow is May Day in Ghana, a thank you to all workers in Ghana. As of next week we celebrate in the Netherlands our Liberation Day on the 5th of May: the end of the 2nd World War in the Netherlands and one day earlier, on the evening of the 4th of May,  we remember the fallen. It’s special because it was 75 years ago but just as Kings Day earlier, celebrations will be adapted to the existing rules around Covid-19. Please check the website for the whole programme of our National Committee:


It’s also a good day of reflection on your own liberty but now in the new context: this disease limits our individual liberty; basically we need to liberate ourselves from the COVID-19, our current enemy. The  News of this week that preliminary results of Covid-19 drug treatment trial were found to improve the recovery of patients is in that sense very promising and maybe the start of our liberation of this virus (see also:


Enjoy May Day & Liberation Day.

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