Another Week in Ghana During Corona Times


Another Week in Ghana During Corona Times

And when will it end? This week, we have started to contact our Members who are in Ghana to find out how they are faring in these Corona times. It’s good to speak with a lot of you now since we don’t see each other monthly.

Since the Corona Virus Pandemic started, GNBCC's monthly cocktails have been suspended so no opportunity to meet and greet. Also, we have been asking our members what they expect from us now. Should we organise a webinar? At present, I get invited to join a webinar every other day...I am practically inundated with webinars; it’s probably the same with a lot of our Membership. For this reason, if GNBCC is to organize a webinar, we need to stand out. We will announce the results of this personal informal survey soon. 

We will also like to know if our members have filled and submitted the member survey sent earlier. A significant number of our Membership has not filled in the survey making the results not yet valid due to the low numbers.

The nicest remark received this week (also as a compliment towards the GNBCC team) when I was interviewing one of our Members was for GNBCC to please organise a cocktail again after gatherings are allowed in Ghana asap, a cocktail within Corona demands,  where we can meet at a distance of at least 1,5 meters and enjoy each other’s company while having a drink...we are missing this too much. We are going to think about this; be continued


Written by: Tjalling Wiarda

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