New Member: REDAVIA


New Member: REDAVIA

GNBCC wishes to introduce it's latest member, Redavia.

REDAVIA is an industry leader in solar power. They provide solar farms to businesses and communities in West and East Africa. With a proven track record in cost-effective, reliable and clean energy, REDAVIA is committed to using solar energy as a key driver for sustainable development.

The innovative REDAVIA pay-as-you-go system consists of a pre-configured Unit containing solar modules and electrical components. Once the Unit is on-site, their REDAVIA-trained, local specialists manage the installation, operations, and maintenance of each solar farm.

Their carbon-neutral solution can be used to support existing power structures by supplementing the utility grid or on-site diesel generators. Through their flexible lease agreements with just a minimal upfront investment, their customers can reduce costs and increase their operational flexibility."

For more information on Redavia, visit their website

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