New Member: Actico


GNBCC wishes to introduce its newest member, Actico.

Actico is a holding which embodies social enterprises focused on IT, E-Mobility and activities related to Ghana. Actico’s mission is environmental or social impact by building social enterprises in diverse fields of business. Therefore they are currently upscaling all our Ghana based activities.

They execute: real estate projects in Accra focused on affordable housing, an internet café in Kumasi and make Shea Butter with women groups in the North of Ghana close to Tamale, that we sell in Holland among others via Actico works closely together with a Dutch Foundation which is active in Ghana for over 25 years and are known in Ghana since 2008. They are searching for partnerships/investment opportunities in Ghana in the area of: real estate, Shea Butter and also Mango and Cashew nut plantations.

Soon, Hans and Niels hope to be in Ghana again and then hopefully meet you all at one of the GNBCC events.

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