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GNBCC is pleased to feature GenKey.


According to the World Bank, it’s estimated that 1 billion people globally have no legal identity1. These people are often the poorest and most vulnerable in society. Since 2012, GenKey helped millions of people in Africa to authenticate who they are, using their unique biometric identity.

Our mission, ‘Identity for all’, is connected to a global movement. The United Nation’s Sustainability Goals (16.9) aim for everyone to have an identity by 20302. This ambition is shared by the World Bank, which set up its Identification For Development (ID4D) initiative in 20143. It highlights the benefits of accessible, secure and verifiable ID systems across a range of areas, including elections, healthcare, finance and social inclusion. The United Nations wants an Identity for all by 2030, so do we4 – and we’ve been working on just that.

We are experts in biometrics. Together with partners, we provide a full range of digital biometric identity products used by governments, public institutions and businesses. To date, GenKey has helped over 100 million people to have a verifiable identity. GenKey has a proud reputation of supporting developing economies in their efforts to build sustainable biometric identification solutions for voter registration, health insurance schemes, and other government programs.

We’re a technology company that knows how to get things done. Our business is built around the complex demands of large-scale biometric identity programs, whether that’s registering million of voters for elections; helping healthcare providers reduce fraudulent claims; delivering social protection that gives families better access to public services; or helping finance providers improve their Know Your Customer standards.

Our Experience

  • Elections: Our biometric solutions are helping to deliver free and fair elections, securing the fundamental democratic principle of one person, one vote. Since 2012, we’ve worked with local partners to deliver biometric programs for municipal and national elections in Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania and Mozambique.
  • Healthcare: Our identity programs help to reduce the burden of healthcare fraud, ensuring more money gets spent where it should: on patient care. In Ghana, our biometric program for the National Health Insurance Scheme resulted in less fraud, more efficient healthcare delivery, and a clean member database of 18 million people.
  • Social protection: GenKey’s biometric technology is transforming the targeting of social protection initiatives, ensuring that the right help reaches the right people at the right time. We’ve worked with the Ghana National Household Registry to build a complete, biometric-based social register of households in the country.
  • National ID: The need for a robust and secure multi-purpose digital ID to seamlessly integrate into various sectors of a country’s ecosystem has been pivotal to the growth of the digital economy of many countries. GenKey’s technology is designed to initiate and facilitate the production of trusted and safe biometric National IDs from beginning to end.
  • Finance: In developing countries, identity fraud in credit and loan applications is leading to losses worth millions of dollars every year. By linking customers’ biometric identities to their credit reports, GenKey can give credit bureaus greater certainty about who they’re dealing with.
  • Civil Registration: GenKey provides biometric-based civil registers for managing the identities of public sector workers in any civil environment. Management of these biometric identities helps to reduce public sector fraud, erase ghost workers and ensure payments are made to the right recipients.
  • ID Services for Target Groups: GenKey provides biometric ID services for target groups such as fisher folks, miners, teachers and farmers. Provision of these services allows the delivery of streamlined services to these target groups. Registration and verification services also allows for the unique management of the identities of each member of such target groups and associations.

Open to Partnerships

GenKey is currently open to providing biometric identification services to universities, banks, telecommunication agencies, microfinance, healthcare insurance purposes and other various needs. GenKey is open to partnerships with GNBCC members in the provision of these biometric ID services to various audiences in Ghana and West Africa.



Contact Us

We’re headquartered in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, with offices in Accra, Ghana and Chicago, USA. For more information, visit

Media Contact
Daniel Amewor
+233 30 2522593



GenKey Africa Office
5, 1st Asoyi Street
Bawaleshie, East Legon, Accra
PMB 152 KA, Ghana


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