Customs Moves To Tackle Fraud In Clearance Process


Customs Moves To Tackle Fraud In Clearance Process

The Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has advised shippers to pay the duties on their consignments in person at designated banks to avoid being scammed by some “unscrupulous” clearing agents.

According to Assistant Commissioner in charge of the Accra Collection of Customs, Emmanuel Ohene, the practice would reduce the incidence of fraud and restore good image of the customs house agency profession as well as that of the GRA.

Speaking on Eye on Port programme he said “Once your agent provides you with the tax bill you are in the position to pay the duty at any participating bank or through the new platform, payment platform which has been introduced by the government in recent times,” he advised.

He said the ICUMS allows importers the flexibility to pay their own duties and they are not obliged to necessarily hand over monies to clearing agents for the payment of import duties.

He also advised importers to demand for the original invoices from the other agencies and service providers within the port clearance chain so they do not pay overwhelmingly above the right figures, which is commonplace when they deal with some clearing agents.

“We should be responsible enough as members of the trading public to request for what is rightfully ours,” he said.

The GRA is also encouraging importers to get accustomed to the act of paying duties and other service charges of the various institutions in the clearance chain at Ghana’s ports in the approved banks by themselves.



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