Member Feature: Maridav Ghana Limited


Member Feature: Maridav Ghana Limited

GNBCC is pleased to share an article from our member, Maridav Ghana Limited.

Maridav Ghana Limited was incorporated in 1987 as a Private Limited Liability Company. After over 30 years of dedicated service supporting various stakeholders in the food and feed value chain, Maridav has become a leading brand and a recognized supplier of top-quality nutrition and health products. We have also has been active in Ivory Coast for over decade through our sister company, Maridav Cote d’Ivoire.

The Company has two main divisions: Human Nutrition & Health and Animal Nutrition & Health. The Human Nutrition & Health division supplies vitamins, neutraceuticals and other food additives to Food & Beverage, Confectionary and Pharmaceutical manufacturers and offers a range of household disinfectants suitable for use in homes, hospitals, offices and other public spaces.

Our Animal Nutrition & Health division supplies a broad range of veterinary drugs, biosecurity products, feed additives used in production of feed for poultry, pigs and aquaculture, and poultry feed concentrates. Maridav is a licensed manufacturer of top-grade veterinary pharmaceuticals at its recently constructed facility in Tema Heavy Industrial Area. Aside its head office in Tema, the Company has a branch in Kumasi, and operates through a large network of over 80 distributors across the country. Our aim as a Company is to provide superior quality products and technical support services to our clients and to pioneer the introduction of the latest and most efficient products, to continuously promote and support local nutrition improvement efforts and to foster long lasting relationships with our clientele.

Our major principal is the Dutch multinational corporation, DSM Nutritional Products. DSM is one of the world’s leading producers of essential nutrients like vitamins, carotenoids, nutraceuticals and nutritional lipids, as well as solutions for the feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We are also distributors for Biomin GmbH, Zoetis and CID Lines NV.

 Maridav and DSM have been actively involved in various Nutrition Improvement Programs. In 2006, Maridav and DSM supported the Food and Drugs Board in the development and inception of the mandatory flour fortification program. DSM vitamin premixes have been used in the Ghana School Feeding Program and in several nutrition improvement projects sponsored by the World Food Program. Maridav was the first to introduce feed enzymes on the market and natural growth promoters as a replacement to antibiotic growth promoters. The Company recently launched a high-end range of poultry feed concentrates which contain all the required micronutrients in one pack to simplify the feed preparation process and reduce the time, money and effort used in sourcing a broad number of inputs from various suppliers. With the support of DSM, our Laboratory is equipped with a state of the art Near Infrared (NIR) analyzer. Clients who use our concentrates are provided with analysis of their feed and feed ingredients (maize, soya bean meal, wheat bran and fish meal) free of charge.

Maridav provides a broad range of technical support services to its customers and regularly organizers seminars with international experts to train its sales team and clients, and to share information on new products, solutions for optimizing production and profits, and trends in the global space. We look forward to supporting members of GNBCC’s who may require any of our products or services.



Tel: +233 303 938 088


Head Office                                                                 Kumasi Office

Maridav Ghana Ltd                                                     Maridav Ghana Ltd

38 Steel works Road                                                   Plot 4, Block K

Heavy Industrial Area, Tema,                                     North Patasi (behind the Shell Fuel Station)

PMB KA 144 Airport, Accra, Ghana                            P. O. Box KS 444, Kumasi

Cell: 0501302099                                                        Cell: 0203297553

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