NABC's Magazine: The 75 Year Anniversary Issue Out Now!


NABC's Magazine: The 75 Year Anniversary Issue Out Now!

Dear GNBCC Members,

NABC has started distributing its magazine this week: Europe-based members can look out for a hard copy in the mail, probably even this week. 

So what to expect of the magazine? First of all, NABC runs two stories about their 75th anniversary. One of them portrays the founding father of NABC, the Rotterdam-based banker Mr. KP van der Mandele, while the other story looks back at the more recent history.

If you cannot wait for the physical copy, you can now get your hands on the digital version of the NABC annual magazine on NABC website. There is also a fully French version of the magazine which can be found here

Next to these historic articles, you can read a lot more about their ongoing operations such as the Seeds for Change programme in northern Nigeria and the Kukua Na Kuku consortium of poultry companies that have jointly opened a poultry demonstration farm in Tanzania.
In their member spotlight you will read about Allround Vegetable Processing while you are also invited to check out the ongoing NABC vacancies


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