GNBCC Member Feature: Bekaert


GNBCC Member Feature: Bekaert

GNBCC is pleased to present an article about our Premium Member Bekaert based on an interview with the Business Develpment Manager, Andre Grob.

Andre is  a Dutch citizen of 55 years and was born in Caracas, Venezuela in South America. He became an instant cosmopolite , having a dad working for an international trading company living everywhere in the world. During his lifetime Andre lived in Venezuela, Dominican Republic,  The Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean (Curacao), Belgium (Flanders), Singapore, Malaysia and since last year in Kenya.

Andre has been working for Bekaert for the past 27 years and started his career back in 1992 in Curacao (Dutch Caribbean)  where he set up their Sales & Marketing Office covering the Latin American region.  Within that region Bekaert had major business activities in Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Columbia. In 1996 Andre returned to Belgium (based in Bekaert Office in Kortrijk, West Flanders) where he operated for 12 years in different functions. First he started in Sales & Marketing as a Key Account Manager, after that he managed several sales offices all over Europe including UK.  After Europe – in 2008- he went to Singapore  for 5 years and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for 7 years – working for the South East Asia & Oceania Sales Division of Bekaert. As from March 2020 Andre moved with his family to Nairobi, Kenya setting up Bekaert Sales in Sub Sahara Africa being the Business Development Manager.

Bekaert Company is transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how. Improving both the bulk and surface properties of steel wire products since almost 140 years. Offering innovative solutions that add value to their customers and help them grow their business.

Bekaert purchase approximately 3 million tons of wire rod per year as their basic material. Depending on their customers’ needs, they  draw wire from it in different diameters and strengths, even as thin as ultrafine fibers of one micron. They group the wires into cords, ropes and strands, weave or knit them into fabric, or process them into an end product. Depending on the application, they  apply coatings which reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, or enhance adhesion with other materials.

Bekaert has products and applications for several industries such as in construction, tire & automotive, energy & utilities, equipment, consumer goods, agriculture and basic materials.  Andre visited Ghana to learn more about the market and was assisted by GNBCC which organized several meetings with different companies.  The emphasis for Ghana was on construction – concrete reinforcement through their Dramix product – as well as on ropes for the Energy & Utilities Industry and fencing (Agric) .

Answering a question about what motivates him in his work the most Andre  answers that he likes the challenge of building something from scratch. Bekaert is all around the world except for Sub Sahara Africa (besides South Africa where they have established a commercial presence) hence the challenge .

Andre  is most proud of the exceptional growth he established in South East Asia. His connection with the Netherlands is his Dutch citizenship and hence attracted to a Business organization such as GNBCC with its Dutch roots. GNBCC is assisting him/Bekaert with identifying potential business opportunities in the Ghanaian market by introducing him to the important players in Ghana in -for instance- the construction industry.

At Bekaert they are open to advise, help and support GNBCC Members and off course Andre hopes that Bekaert can count on the same in return !

For more information on Bekaert please visit their website :  and Bridon- Bekaert Group at:

If you want to come in contact with Andre or want more info please contact Tjalling of GNBCC at

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