Member Feature: Supermaritime Group


Member Feature: Supermaritime Group

GNBCC is pleased to introduce Premium Member Supermaritime based on an interview with the Managing Director, Nico van der Eng by Ileen Wilke.

Nico has been working in Ghana since 2012, nine years have flown by at Supermaritime since his start in Ghana. Nico started his career in Amsterdam with a cocoa quality control and warehousing company who asked him to set up a company in Nigeria. He ended up working there quite some years in trade and export of agricultural commodities, mainly cocoa, cashew, rubber and the likes.  After his return to Holland and having worked 5 years for a cocoa and coffee trading house, he was assigned to the Ivory Coast Branch of that company for interim management. His attention was drawn to Ghana and both he and his family were enthusiastic about living and working in Ghana. When the possibility arose to become the Managing Director of Supermaritime in Ghana, Nico did not think twice. His enthusiasm for a new challenge and the dynamic work environment convinced him to take the opportunity.

The Supermaritime Group is a privately owned and independent maritime agency and logistics services provider. They offer a wide range of services, which include vessel and port agencies, international supply chain management, project freight forwarding, stevedoring & warehousing services, and offshore logistics support services. The Supermaritime Group has a strong focus on and presence in West Africa with own offices in most countries. The Head Office in Rotterdam supports the country offices and offers in addition worldwide forwarding services as well as warehousing and stevedoring services from its Vlissingen yard and quays. Supermaritime Ghana was founded in 1990 and has grown into one of the leading vessel agency and logistics companies in Ghana, employing over 90 staff. Supermaritime Ghana is well known for offering professional customer services to its (local and multi-national) client base, and the team is supported in-house by a small number of experienced expatriate workers. Nico appreciates the diversity of products and the many different clients he gets to work with. “I enjoy that no day is the same at Supermaritime Ghana”.

What makes Supermaritime stand out is their commitment to their clients. “We work as customer-oriented as possible by giving the client our devoted attention”, Nico explains. Both efficiency and good communication are the two key elements to their client-focused approach. Their client-oriented mindset allows them to come up with the most optimal solutions, keeping customers close and informed. This is also what motivates Nico most in his work, how he is able be part of processes from A to Z while building a long-lasting relationship with his clients. “It gives a lot of satisfaction when youve achieved your goals with the clients best interest in mind, its rewarding when our customers feel the same”.

Working at Supermaritime comes with an informal and dynamic environment. There are a lot of day-to-day challenges, so the work is hands-on, and you need to be fast paced in your thinking, Nico shares. Teamwork is key and the doors are always open in the office, as decisions have to be made quickly. The open doors are also an invitation for GNBCC members, as Nico is always happy to welcome members with a fresh cup of coffee and a good conversation. “What we can offer is our experience and expertise of the country and its systems. This varies from import and export procedures, efficient interaction with authorities, procedures, market knowledge and trade with/from the Netherlands. We are always open to share ideas and think along with you.”

Ready to share your idea(s) with Nico? Kindly get in touch with Nico and find more information on Supermaritime on their website.

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