Member Feature: CWT Commodities


Member Feature: CWT Commodities

GNBCC is pleased to introduce Premium Member CWT Commodities based on an interview with the Managing Director, Dirk de Bruin by Tracy Mensah. Mr. de Bruin has been in Ghana for over 15 years, the 6th of March marked his 16th anniversary of being in Ghana. He was pleased to join this interview.

Dirk initially worked for Sitos, a company founded in Amsterdam offering a wide range of logistical services, focusing on commodities, mainly but not limited between Africa and Europe. Sitos transitioned to CWT Commodity Logistics in 2008, when CWT Singapore acquired more shares in Sitos. Irrespective of this transition, CWT Commodity Logistics has maintained strong relations with the Netherlands with a warehousing space of 11,000 square meters with a focus on cocoa.

CWT Commodity Logistics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CWT Pte. Limited, a global leading provider of integrated commodity services which was established in 1970. Established in 1983, CWT Commodity Logistics specializes in the storage and handling of soft and hard commodities through the provision of warehouse management services and quality control. The company offers its services to international traders, producers and trade & commodity finance banks. It has an elaborate network of offices and presence in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In Ghana, CWT Commodity focuses on soft commodities, mainly cocoa and other products such as shea, cashew and sesame. Over the years, CWT Commodities has strived to ensure that all services offered are of high quality and are at par with European standards, irrespective of their geographical locations. The organization has access to the entire range of services of CWT Group in order to be able to provide its clients with a full range of logistic solutions.

CWT Commodities (Ghana) Limited is very pleased to do business with all GNBCC Members and Clients. Dirk is happy to assist GNBCC members with warehousing needs, such as finding the right warehouse storage space, and offering advice on warehousing investments decisions.


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