New Member: Katoen Natie


New Member: Katoen Natie

GNBCC wishes to introduce and feature its newest  member Katoen Natie.


Katoen Natie was founded in Antwerp (Flanders) in 1854 by four working partners.

Their first activity consisted of cotton receiving. A ship was discharged in the harbor by captain and crew, assisted by locally recruited stevedores. Once the crane brought the goods on quay, they were received by the guild. The guild worked on commission for the buyer of the goods. Katoen Natie [cotton guild] worked in its infancy for the cotton-processing industry. 

Today, Katoen Natie is a global supplier of value added logistics and applied engineering solutions.


General  Services:

-Breakbulk handling

-Dry Bulk handling


-Container handling

-Customer & tank repairing services

-Container Freight Services

-Collateral Management


Support services:


-Freight & forwarding


-Global Transport


For more please visit website at

Katoen Natie Ghana Ltd

Former Cocobod Office

PO Box MC 1628


Tel: +233 31 2030 551/2/3


Contact: Esther Boahen


Cell phone:+233 243 954 650

MD : Kor Ritsema


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