GPHA Poised To Tighten Security At Port


GPHA Poised To Tighten Security At Port

The Director of the Port of Tema, Sandra Opoku has announced the determination of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority  (GPHA)  to tighten its security at the port against maritime crime which is now on the ascendancy in the West African Sub Region.

She said “it is even more imperative for the Port Authority to tighten its security in accordance with the demands that come with an increased maritime crime in the West African sub-region.

In recent times, threats of terrorism and piracy are rife and on the rise within the subregion and this requires that you exhibit vigilance, hard work and commitment towards duties at all times,” she stated.

The Director of Port this known during a passing out ceremony held for new recruits for the security department of the GPHA.

She entreated the security personnel of the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority to remain committed to security training programs organized by the Port Authority so as to maintain the high level of security Ghana’s ports are known for.

“As you may be aware Ghana’s ports are well known to be the most secured within the West African subregion. Our focus as a Port Authority is facilitating trade in a safe and secure Port environment. This training was designed to equip you with the necessary skills to conduct your duties in a diligent and professional manner, she said.

The 291 new recruits undertook a four-week standard military orientation training at the Army Recruit Training School at Shai Hills in the Greater Accra Region.

Over the period, the recruits were taken through a basic but comprehensive military craft that encompasses physical training, drill, map reading, first aid, search procedure, operational security, detection of improvised explosive devices, port-related subjects among others.

The DP of Tema thanked the Commanding Officer and staff of the Training School for transforming the recruits into qualified security officers.


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