African Policy Dialogue Expert Forums Come To An End


African Policy Dialogue Expert Forums Come To An End

African Policy Dialogue Expert Forums Come to an End

The cohort workshops of the African Policy Dialogue have come to an end. On Wednesday, over 14 media representatives came together virtually to discuss the role of the media in identifying solutions for youth employment in Ghana. The session began with a presentation by Professor Williams Baah-Boateng, Head of Department Economics, University of Ghana, who presented his discussion paper on the role of media in this ongoing debate. There were breakout sessions to identify and debate on sustainable solutions in addressing youth employment in Ghana from the media perspective. There was also a presentation by Nestlé Ghana to inform participants of Nestlé’s active contribution through its programs such as the Nextenship program.

In similar fashion two cohort meetings were held prior, a youth session and a private sector session. The youth session was held in Tamale and Accra, inviting over 50 youth to have a seat at the table, to share their perspective and experience of the labour market in Ghana and discuss the how the youth can contribute to curbing this challenge. Additionally, on the 16th of September, over 20 organizations from the private sector brought their voices on board to discuss findings of an evidence-based research conducted to ascertain the outlook of youth unemployment in the country and address the role of the private sector in youth employment in Ghana.

The first stakeholder engagement session was organized on the 9th September, 2020. This session served as a kick-starter for the conversation across sectors on the way forward for youth employment in Ghana. Over 90 Stakeholders from academia, political parties, private sector, the youth themselves among others joined roundtable discussions on knowledge sharing and governance, private sector support and the role and recommendations for political parties in Ghana. 

The goal of these workshops was to bring together key stakeholder, exchange knowledge and offer sustainable solutions in tackling youth employment in Ghana.  All input gathered from these workshop will feed into the policy brief that will be presented to policy makers in public and private institutions both in Ghana and in the Netherlands.

The African Policy Dialogue (APD) is organized by the Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) in collaboration with the Department of Economics, University of Ghana and Netherlands African Business Council (NABC) with support from INCLUDE Knowledge Platform.

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Visit to view Dreams, Needs & Diversity: Portraits of Ghana’s Youth Docuseries. It features four video’s showing ‘Portraits of Youth’ are developed for the African Policy Dialogue ‘The Way Forward for Sustainable Youth Employment in Ghana’ in September 2020. The profiles showcase the diversity of the youth in Ghana: their various backgrounds, expectations, dreams and needs. It’s essential to recognize that youth is not a homogenous group in order to develop tailor-made programs in line their needs.

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