Vivo Energy Ghana Remains Resolute in Offering Customers a Reliable Supply Fuels and Lubricants 


Vivo Energy Ghana Remains Resolute in Offering Customers a Reliable Supply Fuels and Lubricants 


"The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to pose a challenge to the different business sectors in the country. Despite the disruption to business activities, Vivo Energy Ghana, the Shell Licensee in Ghana responsible for the distribution and marketing of Shell Fuels and Lubricants, continues to make great strides through a very robust Business Continuity and Contingency Plan (BCCP) to manage through the pandemic. Our resilient and integrated business model was tested and proven during the COVID-19 pandemic. This Business Continuity model, together with our strong operating culture of focusing, simplifying and performing, progressively drives the growth of our business and supports our vision to become the most respected energy business in Ghana.

Living to our HSSEQ commitment

Our passport to operate lies in our outstanding Health Safety Security Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) performance, and we continue to dedicate resources to fulfil this aspiration. Our priority is the health and safety of our workers, contractors and others who may be impacted by our activities, and also minimizing environmental impacts where we operate. We therefore ensure that we strengthen our HSSEQ culture through focus on personal responsibility, individual consequences and proactive interventions. ​ As a business with an ISO 9001 certification and a commitment to the highest HSSEQ standards, we go all out to ensure that our policies, procedures and protocols are constantly updated, understood and implemented. The robustness of our governance system in all our operations underpins the achievement of our GOAL ZERO ensuring that all our employees and partners are assured of coming to work and going back home safely.

Innovating through superior quality products

Based on the evolution of engines, modern vehicle engines are today made smaller and more powerful, which leads to hotter running temperatures, higher engine loads and higher pressure. This results in deposits and dirt formation, wasted energy through friction and knocking (incomplete combustion / burning fuel in engine), ultimately leading to reduced performance and efficiency. Through innovation we developed a new technology to protect and enhance efficiency of these modern engines.

The DYNAFLEX Technology in our new fuels are a formulation of complex blends of performance additives and base fuels (Gasoline and Diesel) that are specially designed to fight against deposit formation, to reduce friction in the engine and to maintain performance and efficiency of all types of engines. The reformulation of all fuels across the entire portfolio has been Shell’s biggest change in formulation. This new and advanced fuels are the result of extensive testing of over 3 million kilometers and more than 170 cars.  With this exclusive technology, the entire new Shell fuels portfolio (Shell V-Power, Shell FuelSave Unleaded and Shell FuelSave Diesel) is now designed to enhance engine efficiency, help clean and protect key components in vehicle engines, leading to better engine performance. The new fuels are designed to work with both modern and older vehicles. Vivo Energy remains committed to supplying its customers with products that consistently meet our promises on quality and the improved DYNAFLEX Technology formulation of our fuels is testament to this.

These efforts are complimented by our Mobile Quality Van moving across the supply chain to check for consistency of our fuels with the national specification at the various Bulk Distribution Companies depots and for the right application of the DYNAFLEX Technology at the formulation depots. Performance surveillance testing are also conducted at all our retail outlets to curb products contamination and ensure our customer value proposition is maintained at all times.

Supporting our communities during COVID-19

As a key player in the energy sector in Ghana, we also have our communities at the heart of our company and COVID-19 brought us even closer to them. During the outbreak of the virus, Vivo Energy Ghana demonstrated its support for our communities through a number of impactful initiatives aimed at reducing the spread of the virus and ensuring that our customers are attended to in a safe and clean business environment.

Notable initiatives include the Clean and Safe drive at all our sites, the donation of personal protective equipment to the National COVID-19 Case Management Team and the implementation of the Shell Retailer Sustainability Programme in various regions to compliment the government’s efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic across the country. The company also partnered with the African Business Centre for Development Education (ABCDE) and funded the roll-out of an alternative e-learning platform accessible to all senior high school students, especially females, during the pandemic to ensure continuous learning.


With the expected recovery of the economy from COVID-19, combined with our robust business continuity strategy and a committed workforce, Vivo Energy Ghana remains resolute in offering our customers a reliable supply of competitively priced, high-quality fuels and lubricants with top-notch customer service experience to meet their evolving needs".


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