Diaspora Questionnaire


Diaspora Questionnaire

Dear GNBCC Newsletter readers,

‪On the 1st of February 2022, I started a new role as Project & Business Manager at Ghana Netherlands Business & Culture Council (GNBCC) in Accra, Ghana. 

‪One of the projects I am working on is aimed at the Dutch-Ghanaian Diaspora Community,ie:

(1) You were born in Ghana and are of Ghanaian descent but live in the Netherlands

(2) you were born in the Netherlands and are of Ghanaian descent, and still live in the Netherlands or have relocated to Ghana. 

‪If you are part of this community and have or would (potentially) like to start a business or invest in Ghana then I would like you to fill out this questionnaire.

Kindly click here for questionnaire

‪Feel free to share this questionnaire with as many people.

‪If you have any questions, send me an e-mail at jemima@gnbcc.net

‪Thank you!



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