Introducing New Premium Member: Surfline Communications Limited


Introducing New Premium Member: Surfline Communications Limited

Growing your business – with a worry free IT and communications infrastructure

Businesses, no matter how large or small, need to be able to focus on growing their core business without worrying about key enablers such as their IT and communications infrastructure.

Surfline Communications, wholly owned Ghanaian Telecoms/IT Company with operations dating 2014, offers two groups of services for businesses in Ghana:

  • Working/collaborating securely within the office, but also remotely
  • Business productivity & continuity assurance

Working/collaborating securely within the office, but also remotely

How do you securely access applications in the office and at home without using VPN to expose your network?        

  •  We provide connectivity through dedicated links to offices (fibre, digital microwave), or though 4G LTE to your employees – all highly secure, with dedicated and highly responsive account managers and technical team readily available to provide assistance when needed

  • We help you secure your business through the use of our military grade hardened reverse proxy solution to encrypt access to web based as well as desktop applications in the office and remotely without exposing your network like in the case of VPNs.

Do you need to collaborate, create documents and share, sync documents automatically as you work on them? 

  • Our solution provides one comprehensive tool that protects the endpoint, backs up data to cloud, enables file sync and share as well as collaboration among team members           
  • Work anywhere with team as though in the office      

Business productivity & continuity assurance

Do you need virtual and dedicated servers to host applications in a GDPR compliant Tier 4 data centre?

  • We provide high performance Gen10 servers with over 400Mbps speed available 24/7   
  • No need to setup data-centre, expert charges, servers, etc. With one time operational charge, you can start working while you increase productivity and reduce operational expenditure.                                  

In case of fire or flood or ransomware attack or disk crash, can you continue working without major interruption?

  • Our service securely replicates or backs up the entire machine (s) to the cloud and brings it up when needed for work to continue on any device through a secure browser. Each copy is stored on 15 different servers        
  • It provides an operational insurance against disk failure, cyber-attacks, system corruption, fire & flood, etc, while it enables your organisation to securely and seamlessly continue to work on any device through a secure browser
  • Included options are compressed cloud backup of servers, Google Workspace, and Office 365 email



Mr:      Isaac Armar – Commercial Director

Mobile:   020 200 9796







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