Optimising your VAT compliance status - practical considerations


Optimising your VAT compliance status - practical considerations

Frequent changes to VAT and related laws, including the re-introduction (and recently limiting) of the flat rate scheme, the decoupling of the NHIL and GETFund levies and the introduction of the COVID-19 Health Recovery Levy, have complicated an already complex VAT system and made compliance with the requirements a tough task. This is more so when tax and finance officers have to determine the VAT (and levies) implications of complex business transactions and apply them in strategic decision-making. A case of non-compliance can have severe consequences on a business when detected in a tax audit.

This training programme will help businesses possess an understanding and skill of the law and practice of VAT and the associated levies. This will result in better cashflow management, an improved tax compliance record, and less exposure to penalties and interest for non-compliance. 

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