GNBCC announcement of VFS & Visa applications


GNBCC announcement of VFS & Visa applications

Dear GNBCC Member,

Since this week we have been informed by the Embassy – Consular section of the following procedure in connection with new (earlier)  VFS appointment requests:

In case a VISA for the Netherlands needs to be requested , you have to make an appointment with VFS through their website:

Please take into consideration that there should be at least 15 working days between VFS appointment data and travel date

After a VFS appointment has been made and confirmed by VFS and the appointment date needs to be changed to an earlier date , please send a request to VFS for an early appointment.

You should do this by sending an e-mail to:

In the e-mail  you must have provided your Name, Telephone number, Application reference number (from VFS) , if applicable and a clear description of your query.

After that you should get an answer from VFS within 2 working days

The embassy consular section stated last Monday to GNBCC:  We  continue to assist when it’s very urgent. However, the first point of call is to request from VFS for an early submission after applicants have managed to make an online appointment.

In other words , for a GNBCC Member who has applied through VFS  they want to see next to the VFS confirmation document also the e-mail sent to VFS for a request for an early appointment (on which no answer has been received within the 2 working days indicated as guarantee by VFS) . In that case you can send everything to GNBCC after which we send the request to the Embassy- Consular section requesting for an earlier date.

In all the best way remains  to start your VISA process at least 3 months in advance to avoid requesting earlier appointment dates with VFS


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