New Premium Member Remkes - The Poultry Family 


New Premium Member Remkes - The Poultry Family 

Remkes The Poultry Family - A big family

All Remkes companies together form Remkes The Poultry Family.

Together, these companies supply high-quality chicken products: from fresh meat to ready-to-eat products.

Remkes  invests heavily; in the right knowledge, people and equipment. In this way we ensure that Remkes The Poultry Family has and keeps a leading role in the poultry industry. With selected partners and the Novi-Pluim foundation, our concept forms a closed chain, from hatching egg to end product. Like you, we care about where our food comes from and how it is produced and processed. This transparency throughout the chain is unique in the Netherlands.

For Remkes, transparency also means: always communicating openly and honestly. Whether it concerns the approach to each other, our suppliers or customers.

Remkes wants to deliver the best quality, now and in the future. Remkes strives for a fully certified chain. A chain in which responsible sustainable business is paramount and our products meet the highest food safety standards.


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Contact person: Bart Remkes

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