Formation Of Ghana-Netherlands Agribusiness Community And Learning Platform


Formation Of Ghana-Netherlands Agribusiness Community And Learning Platform

To strengthen the ties between Ghana and Netherland for the Agribusiness sector, GNBCC in partnership with the Dutch Embassy in Accra as part of the Private Sector Development (PSD) project, decided to create and established an engaging agribusiness community platform where sector players can find each other, network and grow their businesses in an internationally friendly environment. The uniqueness in the community is the Dutch and Ghanaian Factor.  The focus will be to create an international recognized platform (both online and Offline) coordinated by the Dutch Chamber where Dutch and Ghanaian Agribusiness companies (both start-ups, growing and well-established businesses) can join, network and learn from each other. The key areas focal areas will be strengthening the sector through skill development and information sharing session, facilitation workshop on access to finance and creating an enabling environment for companies in both countries to thrive. 

The community will target four key sector players within the agribusiness sector. 

i. Dutch Agribusiness Companies interested in Ghanaian Market: There are a number of Dutch Companies in the Agribusiness sector that are not known by the Agribusiness sector players in Ghana. This platform will therefore give Dutch Sector Players in the Agribusiness sector a platform to share their knowledge, products and services with the youth in Agribusiness and find the right partners, especially for those interested in exploring the Ghanian market. 

ii. Ghanaian Agribusiness Companies and SMEs: There are a number of Ghanaian Companies and SMEs doing a number of activities in Ghana; This community will be a one-stop platform for knowing who is who in the sector. Some of their activities need international exposure and some also need skill training and financial support. This platform will give this community a platform to share, engage and ultimately access the Dutch market and the rest world. 

iii. Agribusiness Programmes and Projects Ongoing: There are number of agribusiness activities that has been launched and ongoing in the Agribusiness sector. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to follow up and know who is working on what and how to tap into this these opportunities. This platform aims to bring all these programmes together to share what they do, so that the youth can find these programmes and take advantage of. This also include project from the Dutch and Ghanaian Government, International organization working in Agribusiness and other private individuals. 

iv. The youth interested in Agribusiness: The youth who are also interested in starting something in the Agribusiness sector are looking for guidance, motivation, skill training, access to finance and many other things to start from. This will also be the first step community where the youth can join to access the above and get connected to the right sector players.  


Workshop on Activities that should be organized. 

Series of activities will be outlined for the coming years; the first workshop was to discuss common activities that will interest community members. 

A number of interesting activities were agreed on and a plan of execution is being worked and will be shared with members in the coming weeks. We are therefore inviting Dutch and Ghanaian companies within any section of the Agribusiness value join through this link.

Kindly Click here  to join the community Facebook page  in order to be updated on future events. You can find the live recording of the event on the GNBCC Facebook Page here 


Upcoming Events

Launch of the GN_NL Agribusiness Community and Learning Platform:  The first objective of GNBCC is to bring together the right category of sector players who are desirous in working together to promote the Agribusiness sector and to launch an agribusiness community that brings together all the four target groups stated above.  This launching will be in October 2022.  As part of the launch, there will also be

• Introduction of an Agribusiness Learning Platform: To ensure that the community is engaging and active, an online and offline learning platform will be announced where community members can sign up to share their experiences and expertise in the sector. 

• A presentation of Yearly Regular and Occasional Activities for the community: A yearly list of activities will be presented to the community to enable them keep up to the date with all the plans of the community. 

You are invited to join and to know more in the coming months about the Ghana Netherlands Agribusiness Community.

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