Investment Opportunity – A Wastewater Treatment Plant And Compost Plant In Nsawam, Ghana


Investment Opportunity – A Wastewater Treatment Plant And Compost Plant In Nsawam, Ghana

Green investment opportunity giving you a chance to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable Ghana! | Bond loan | Interest rate 7% | € 3,850,000 | Duration: 4.5 years  |Security: full and unconditional guarantor

Initiator Green Energy Ghana BV (  is a Dutch company aiming at collecting and processing wastewater and organic waste in Ghana for the production and sales of organic compost and irrigation water.  


In 2015, MDF- member of the GNBCC and GC International with financial support form the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) through RVO, started The Special Treat Project. The aim of this project is to improve the living conditions of 300,000 people by developing a wastewater treatment plant in Nsawam to purify 15,000 m3 of wastewater monthly, re-cycle organic waste, and produce and sell organic compost to local farmers.

For the long term, a project is not the right vehicle for sustainable exploitation. Therefore, a company was founded in 2018: Green Energy Ghana BV. It owns a local company in Ghana that further develops and runs everything. To be able to complete this green initiative, additional financing is needed.


Will you help:

- to prevent the illegal dumping of organic waste and wastewater?

- to contribute to the development of clean water and organic compost, by purifying wastewater and processing waste into compost?

- to ensure that local farmers can apply natural compost (which is many times cheaper, because it does not have to be imported)?

- to contribute to a substantial reduction of Ghana's ecological footprint?

- to stimulate environmentally friendly agriculture in Ghana?

Green Energy Ghana has started a crowdfunding campaign via the platform of  with the aim of raising the above amount under the said conditions. You can invest in this sustainable, green project till Monday 12 September.  Check out the extensive information about this crowdfunding here: Crowdfunding Green Energy Ghana   or scan the QR code:  

For more information you can reach out to the Managing Directors:

Richard Yeboah: +233546429540 /

Mark Hakvoort: +31623916392 /



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