Formation of GNBCC Growth Network Community


Formation of GNBCC Growth Network Community

On Thursday the 25th of August, GNBCC had a stakeholder meeting with the youth for a newly created community, the GNBCC Growth Network. The creation of this community is an initiative under the Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE)’s Private Sector Development project to improve the development of the private sector in Ghana.

At the Central Hotel in Ridge, a group of about 25 young entrepreneurs from various sectors but mostly the agricultural sector came together for the first meeting to establish the GNBCC Growth Network. Many of the participants are alumni from incubator programs such as New Business Challenge, Orange Corners, KIC Agritech Challenge etc.

Ghana is familiar with many entrepreneurship and skill training programs that consist of intense trainings within a short period of time. After these programs this information is not shared from peer-to-peer, and in other cases, the entrepreneurs and young professionals have a need for some extra guidance to be able to stand on their own feet. If a system which allows the transfer of information is created, the knowledge and experience gained by a participant can have a snowball effect. GNBCC would like to implement activities and programs that support young Ghanaian entrepreneurs and young professionals, and leverages on our strong ties with the private sector in Ghana and the Netherlands and the Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands.

The event was opened by GNBCC General Manager Tjalling Wiarda, who gave the opening remarks to the group and thereafter the participants received more information about the Private Sector Development project and the Growth Network and they also actively participated in idea sharing for the community.

The group was extremely enthusiastic and full of great and creative ideas for youth employment to be stimulated. The Growth Network will also include members from the private sector and from the diaspora.

The Growth Network will be built on six key sector players within GNBCC’s wider network: (1) Incubator Programs Alumni, (2) Students and graduates from universities in Ghana, (3) Youth Organizations, (4) GNBCC Members, (5) Diaspora, (6) Women in Business.

The GNBCC Growth Network will have its formal launch in January 2023.

There will be more interesting activities in the coming months. If you are interested in joining this community please Click here.

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