Introducing iCare from People's Pension Trust (PPT)  



People's Pension Trust (PPT) has introduced an innovative way to take care of others by contributing to their pension needs. Jim Rohn once said, “One person caring about another represents life's greatest value." There are several individuals in our families and communities with no plans for their pension. This puts them in difficult situations with no or little means of survival in old age. The iCare pension plan, a feature of the PPT Personal Pension Scheme allows you to register and contribute to the retirement of someone you care about; it could be a parent, a sibling, an employee, or a friend.


Contribute to the future of someone and leave a legacy that brings fond memories of your deeds to mankind. Contributing to ensure someone’s income security in old age is one of the most rewarding things to do in life. Aside from making an impact in the person’s future, setting up an iCare account will also encourage the beneficiary to inculcate the value of saving towards old age retirement.


The iCare plan is more than a pension scheme or a product. It is the realism of the idea that we can all live in a beautiful world where we can become heroes to each other through the power of care. True heroes are those who care for and secure the future of others. iCare is an innovative way to be a hero to someone by contributing to a comprehensive pension plan that ensures a happy retirement.


Speaking on the idea behind this innovative retirement package, Mr Saqib Nazir, who is the Chief Executive Officer at People's Pension Trust said, “our ambition is to utilize technology, capital, and artificial intelligence as forces for good to build a better world. We will continue to provide innovative and flexible financial services that offer our members the improvement and security they deserve.”


Anyone between the ages of 15 and 59  can qualify for iCare. The retirement plan can be done by a parent for a child, a child for a parent, a friend for a friend, a sibling for a sibling, an informal employer for an informal employee, an acquaintance for an acquaintance, a gift for a contract worker or simply, ‘a gift for anyone you care for’.

Here are a few things you need to know about iCare


  • All contributions to the iCare scheme are voluntary and depend on the member’s retirement goal.


  • Contributions made to the scheme are split into two equal parts and credited to two different accounts, which are:


Savings Account – You can withdraw up to 50 percent of your contribution from this account six months after your initial deposit.


Retirement Account - A claim is only made from this account once a member retires, dies, or is proven to be physically or mentally incapacitated by a certified medical institution or professional.


  • The recipient is the only one who has access to the account.


  • The donor is only allowed to contribute to the scheme.


  • The donor has no access to any data or contributions.


  • In the event of the recipient’s death, the nominated beneficiaries of the recipient will have access to the funds.


  • Donors can stop contributing to the scheme whenever they want to, and the recipient can continue with the contributions.


Payment flexibility


Contributors can pay via mobile money or a credit/debit card. Payment can be one-time or a recurring deduction of a specified amount.


This is the time to make an impact in the lives of the hard-working domestic staff who ensure your home remains sparkling clean, that security guard who ensures your home is always protected, that outstanding employee who helps to fulfil your business vision, and your children, who need their future secured.


Be a true hero to someone today. Sign up for PPT’s Pension Plan by dialling *789*111*3#.  You can also visit to sign up or contribute.








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