Invitation to Ahaspora Event


Invitation to Ahaspora Event

GNBCC’s Diaspora Desk, headed by Jemima Rockson, would like to invite all GNBCC Members and friends, especially the diaspora in Ghana to attend the “Aha Y3 D3” event organized by Ahaspora, which is a community of Ghanaian professionals who have lived or have been educated outside Ghana and have returned home and are in the mission of using their knowledge, skills, and resources to make Ghana a better place to live.

GNBCC is creating a Diaspora Desk specially for Dutch-Ghanaian diaspora in the Netherlands and Ghana to offer various kinds of support and opportunities to this group. More on the activities that will be organized by this desk shall be shared accordingly in the coming year.

There will also be a GNBCC stand at the event where we will share more about our plans for the coming years, so we would specially like to invite our Ghanaian and Dutch Diasporas to pass by.

See you there!!


Feel free to reach out to Jemima Rockson at for more information


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