The position of MaxMart on the false accusation of the GRA regarding the non-implementation of the E-VAT


The position of MaxMart on the false accusation of the GRA regarding the non-implementation of the E-VAT

The Management of MaxMart Ltd wishes to bring to the notice of the general public and our cherished customers the position on the implementation of the E-VAT project and the Rambo style arrest of some of the managers of MaxMart Ltd.

In the past few days , MaxMart Ltd has suffered from false accusations by the GRA that we are not complying  with the E-VAT arrangements and by doing so they are destroying our brand in public domain and in the minds of our cherished customers . We wish to state that MaxMart has been fully compliant and cooperative with the GRA team in the implementation of the E-VAT

The following facts set out the background to the E-VAT arrangements and our position on the false accusation by the GRA:


  1. That MaxMart is one of the companies used by GRA in the implementation of the E-VAT pilot project
  2. That the E-VAT system is an online system where sales are electronically transmitted over the internet to the GRA office via the E-VAT Portal in real time
  3. That frequently there are issues with the Internet and during such times the real online system does not work as it should. When such events occur the system delays in the transmission of the data until the Internet is restored
  4. That it is evident during the process of implementation , there were and still are some technical and non-technical issues that needed to be resolved by the GRA to enable the system to run smoothly.
  5. That there is this arrangement between GRA and MaxMart that if any such technical issue arises , such as the disruption in online connectivity  leading to non-transmission of data in real time , this must be subjected to real data reconciliation within  30 days
  6. That GRA has unlimited and unrestricted access to the E-VAT portal of the company , and it can and does enter the system any time they wish, 24 hours.
  7. That MaxMart has always cooperated and complied with all arrangements on the E-VAT operation
  8. That it is regrettable that GRA officials accompanied by the media and the police came to arrest some of the Managers of MaxMart Ltd in a very disrespectful manner and in the presence of the company’s employees and customers.
  9. It si only through meaningful cooperation between GRA and its stakeholders that teething problems associated with E-VAT will be surmounted . We would expect therefore that the GRA having publicized this action  through the media will undo the damage to our company’s reputation by going back to the media to correct the false impression

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