GNBCC Staff Feature- Tjalling Yme Wiarda, (General Manager,GNBCC)


GNBCC Staff Feature- Tjalling Yme Wiarda, (General Manager,GNBCC)

We are pleased to introduce a Staff Feature series by the GNBCC team every week. This initiative throws more light on the GNBCC team and the projects ongoing at the moment.

Featured this week is the General Manager of GNBCC, Mr. Tjalling Yme Wiarda. Enjoy!


I have always been interested in politics and economics and  due to my role as General Manager of GNBCC, this translates into an increased interest in  following the business investment climate in Ghana. I am also an advocate for increased foreign investment in the country, in particular, from the Netherlands.

We at GNBCC provide advice to women in business by involving successful GNBCC business women leadership during roundtables; we want to set up a similar program for the Diaspora as well; roundtables where successful Diaspora business people can share business advice with young Ghana entrepreneurs or other diaspora members.

To support the Horticulture sector in Ghana we are assisting in setting up the Horticulture Business Platform which has 3 objectives : networking, information sharing and public private dialogue. This platform will integrate above 3 objectives in organizing events that includes a seminar, a discussion with government reps as well as a mini fair trade

To support the cocoa sector we need to build a coalition with our cocoa membership and their network to support the private sector and work together to try to tackle the problems in the production of cocoa and improve sustainability

GNBCC  also supports Ghanaian companies through an  Export Academy to improve exports from Ghana to the EU through The Netherlands by a programme called the Dutch Export Academy (DEA).




At present,  I am starting a process to set up a seminar on the investment climate in Ghana

I will be organizing it with the help of some GNBCC staff.  During the event, I will speak about how the investment climate is experienced by the majority of our membership and what the challenges and opportunities are ; what solutions there will be to improve the investment climate and a debate on these possible solutions

Last activity organized on the above subject was the annual business breakfast for our Premium Members with GIPC’s CEO and a professional interpretation of the economic situation by PwC’s Senior partner.

A link will be attached to the resources section to read more about the event.

Currently, I am  looking for cooperation with think tanks on who can strengthen the academic status of the event



  •   I would like to share a write up I made about the investment climate in Ghana. The article can be found on my LinkedIn Page. Please read the article and feel free to make contributions.


  • Click here  to read more about last year’s Business Breakfast Meeting.


  •  Another resource worth sharing  is the story about the development of Singapore, which I found very inspiring. It touches on  the importance of merits, pragmatism and honesty as key to development as a nation. Click on this link to watch documentary.






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