GNBCC STAFF FEATURE- Jemima Rockson, (Project & Business Manager, GNBCC)


GNBCC STAFF FEATURE- Jemima Rockson, (Project & Business Manager, GNBCC)

Featuring on the Staff Feature this week is Jemima Rockson, a Project and Business Manager at GNBCC. Enjoy the read!

It’s been a year since I moved to Ghana and it’s been a great journey so far. As a fellow diasporan, I look forward to the opportunities GNBCC will create  for other Dutch-Ghanaian diasporans. I know that there are still a lot of diasporans in the Netherlands that would like to explore opportunities in Ghana.

We have realized  the need for Diasporans to be guided through the process of starting a business in Ghana, and as such, I am looking forward to engaging with and informing diasporans through a series of tailor-made programs and activities about life in Ghana, working in Ghana and doing business in Ghana.

I am also a part of the YEP Programme  which offers young Dutch professionals the opportunity to gain experience abroad working for a Dutch organization. This is a great opportunityand learning tool as it gives a broader perspective and training on relevant topics and skills that helps in my role at GNBCC


One of the programs that is currently ongoing is the Youth in Food Program. This program matches businesses within the food and agricultural space to graduates that have a passion for food and agriculture.

What makes this such a great program is that,  companies are provided with graduates that are a good fit for them and the graduates get a great opportunity to go through skills training, gain working experience within the company and potentially get retained.

Another project GNBCC is working on is towards supporting Women in Business, especially those active in horticulture.

We will be helping women entrepreneurs with skills training, enabling environment and access to finance. Some of GNBCC’s members will be involved in giving workshops in their fields of expertise.


  • I recommend the book, GRIP. It’s written by a Dutch author, Rick Pastoor. This book will add  great value to your life if you want to work smarter and more organized.

 ‘If you want to get more done with less hassle, don’t look at how much time you have. Look at how you spend it.’

  • The Intercultural Management Training is a full day workshop which GNBCC is offering to its members and also to the public. Most of us work with stakeholders from different cultures and backgrounds. This training therefore will be very beneficial and allows you to understand others better and take into considerations things that you probably wouldn’t outside of this training. It’s happening on the 28th of April and the trainer is coming from the Netherlands. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do! You can e-mail me for more information.
  • GNBCC is creating a new platform which will soon be launched. I would advise everyone to sign up to receive interesting updates on all GNBCC’s projects and events once launched.


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