Introducing New GNBCC Member: NIii Plants Car Rental (Niiplants)


Introducing New GNBCC Member: NIii Plants Car Rental (Niiplants)

We are pleased to officially introduce you to our New Member, Ni Plants Car Rental (Niiplants). Hereby below, a brief company profile about the company.

Nii Plants Car Rental [Niiplants], a customer centric organization with one of its values being the “God Factor”, is one of the leading car rental companies in Ghana. In November last year, Niiplants Car Rental was adjudged the Best Car Rental Service provider of the Year by the Ghana National Tourism Awards.

The Company operates in the Ground Transportation industry and has a wealth of experience in the area of renting standard and Luxury Sedans, 4x4 Pick up trucks, 4x4 SUV, Mini-Vans, Buses and Trucks.

Nii Plants and Car Rentals Co. Ltd. seeks to provide customers with reliable and efficient transport services and be recognized as the best service provider in that space.

The company’s mission is to exceed its customers expectation in the provision of total transport solutions, whilst delivering the best value in an efficient, effective, and friendly approach in their relationships.

Business Concierge
The company provides rental of vehicle services for weddings, tourists, schools, and corporate organizations. Nii Plants also provide staff bussing for corporate institution across Ghana. The company also provides truck rentals through its subsidiary NIIPLANTS LOGISTICS LIMITED. The Company has engaged in the provision of these services since its establishment in 2007.

The success of Nii Plants and Car Rentals Co. Ltd. is owed to its strong management team. The coordination and cohesion of the team has ensured that they provide solid decisions which inure to the benefit of the Company and has ensured its profitability over the years.
Rental of Luxury sedan/saloon/four-wheel drive cars
This involves rental of luxury sedan/saloon and four-wheel drive cars to corporate entities for use by their executives, to international tourists and foreign state officials who use such cars. Vehicles are either provide with chauffer’s or on self-drive basis.

Rental of buses
This involves rental of buses [10 to 50 seaters] for any groups of people. They include tourists, schools, churches, corporate entities, and public institutions.
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Our Packages

Nii Plants is committed to providing a full range of unmatched services standards, competitive rates and professionalism by meeting the demands of customers. Qualified and Service-minced staff await customer to provide the following wide range of services:

• Unlimited mileage
• Full maintenance program
• Car replacement
• Online reservation
• Short Term Rentals
• Long Term Rentals
• Chauffeur Driven Services
• Airport Transfer Services
• Home or office movement.

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