GNBCC STAFF FEATURE- Naana Biney Ohemeng: Office Manager


GNBCC STAFF FEATURE- Naana Biney Ohemeng: Office Manager

”if you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden”- Robert Brault

My love for plants  transcends into all aspects of my life, with no exception to my work space, as I find myself thriving better in environments with them around. The serenity, solitude and positive ambience plants give revives one’s spirit and in many ways, brings about positive and productive energy. 

The joy of witnessing blooming flowers and leaves fill my heart with a sense of achievement and realizing the fact that the work of my own hands through nurturing and care is bearing fruit definitely gives me pleasure. 

I was privileged to join the GNBCC Team in October, 2022 as the Office Manager, and it’s been an interesting and lovely experience with the team and our members so far. 
My role requires that I ensure the smooth running of general administration (finance, HR, logistics, etc.) and although that becomes a handful at times, it becomes easier collaborating with the team and of course, the office plants.



The first project I embarked on as Office Manager was refurbishing the Office space. The team always had plans on refurbishing the office and upon hearing the ideas they had, the creative part in me was awakened to take up the mandate to bring their ideas to life.
With horticulture and agriculture being one of the main focus for GNBCC this year, some indoor and some more outdoor plants were introduced to create a serene and welcoming ambience for staff and our visiting guests.
This interestingly translates us practicing what we preach by patronizing the horticulture industry in Ghana.

Currently, GNBCC is working on developing a company strategic plan for the next two years. As the saying goes, if you “fail to plan, you plan to fail”. 
We can all agree about how essential it is  for every entity to have a strategy for their operations, which will serve as a guide for the smooth operation on both internal  and external affairs. Even more so  with the introduction of the PSD project, it is crucial  that the company has a clear strategy on how to churn out activities to align with the vision of the embassy.

The GNBCC Membership is at the core of my role and attention and so, I would like to extend appreciation to all our members, especially the New Members we have for 2023, and entreat all companies who would like to know more about GNBCC and our membership to contact me via email at




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