GNBCC Staff Feature-Grace Agorigo, Project Officer


GNBCC Staff Feature-Grace Agorigo, Project Officer

We wrap up the Staff feature this year with Grace Agorigo, who is a Project officer and recently started a new role as the social media and marketing personnel in GNBCC.

Enjoy the read!

I started my career journey at GNBCC in 2021 through the National service scheme and then on to becoming a member of the GNBCC Team.

The knowledge and experience I have gained so far is unmatched and I find myself fortunate and grateful to have started my career with the team.

GNBCC is on a course to increasing its online presence and communication with chamber members and other stakeholders we work with in our projects, hence the need to have a separate desk for marketing and communication.

As a result, myself and the team are currently working on strategies and ideas to meet these goals- one of which is the Staff feature, which ends today.

I’m also assisting with the Dutch Export Academy (DEA) Project, with Project manager, Tracy Mensah.

The Dutch Export Academy is a training and expedition program tailored for entrepreneurs in Ghana, who are interested in expanding their market reach by penetrating into the European market.

The Ghanaian edition of the program is over and the team is making preparations to travel to the Netherlands on Saturday, 15th April for the Netherlands edition.

I’m also working closely with senior Project Manager, Barnabas K. Apom, who is currently working on the formation of a Horticulture Business Platform in Ghana.

This platform seeks to bring together all stakeholders in horticulture to provide a community and common ground to address all issues in the sector.

Other interesting and very beneficial programs that’ll be happening this month at GNBCC includes the Intercultural Competence workshop with Alette Vonk, who is a lecturer at Leiden university and Hofstede insights.

The B2B Matchmaking event with Dutch Companies will also be happening on 25th April, 2023.

Feel free to sign up for these events and contact us at if you have any questions.

We remain your point of contact in doing business in Ghana and the Netherlands.



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