GNBCC Events: The Intercultural Competence Training 


GNBCC Events: The Intercultural Competence Training 

On Friday, the 28th of April, GNBCC hosted and organized its very first training for GNBCC members and non-members at the La Villa Boutique Hotel in Osu.
This training was organized in collaboration with GNBCC member, Hofstede Insights.

The training was on Intercultural Competence Management. The event was very successful and had a great turnout. It was a full day’s event and according to participants, very educative and insightful. The training was given by Alette Vonk, who is a lecturer at the University of Leiden and a certified Hofstede Insights trainer.

Through serious gaming, a dive into the Hofstede theory and even role playing, she helped the participants gain a good understanding of differences in cultures and how this understanding can be used to improve communication at the workplace and beyond. The companies that participated are KKGOCargillNII PLANTS $ CAR RENTALSPIL GHANADelft University of TechnologyRielHomes Ltd.Solidaridad NetworkIribovMaiden Environmental Services and CCIFG - Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Française en Géorgie.
GNBCC is happy with the positive feedback received so far and we look forward to creating more of such opportunities. If you would like to offer a training or workshop in collaboration with us kindly send an e-mail to Jemima R. Rockson to explore the possibilities.

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