MPS to roll-out phase 2 of Tema Port expansion


MPS to roll-out phase 2 of Tema Port expansion

Meridian Port Services Ltd. (MPS), operator of Tema Port (and GNBCC Member) , has said it will roll out phase-two of the port’s expansion project, marking another significant milestone in its development.

The expansion project aims to enhance the capacity and infrastructure of Tema Port to meet the growing demands of trade and connectivity, and is scheduled to commence June 19, 2023. According to the company, construction will be completed by September 2025.

So far, MPS said it has finalised the necessary arrangements to commence phase-two, which involves significant civil works and construction activities. The project will be executed in collaboration with EIFFAGE Génie Civil Marine SA and De Simone Limited, both renowned companies with extensive experience in delivering top-quality infrastructure solutions.

The selection of EIFFAGE Génie Civil Marine SA and De Simone for this phase builds upon their successful completion of Phase-1 and the pavement works for the 4th Berth of the Tema Port expansion project.

Mohamed Samara, Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Port Services, highlighted his outfit’s unwavering dedication to realising its vision of providing Ghana and West Africa with a cutting-edge trade connectivity platform.

“To meet the future trade facilitation needs, establishing efficient and robust infrastructure is paramount. The Tema Port expansion project plays a pivotal role in creating a dedicated maritime gateway and hub in the West African region. We firmly believe that Ghana’s Tema Port is exceptionally positioned to fulfil this mission,” Mr. Samara said at the contract signing ceremony in Tema.

He added that MPS remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering regional trade growth and establishing a state-of-the-art trade connectivity platform for Ghana and West Africa.

Mr. Samara said the shareholders of MPS, Meridian Port Holding (MPH) and Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) are resolute in their pursuit of excellence, collaboration and responsible practices to ensure that infrastructure initiatives have a lasting positive impact on trade connectivity and regional development.

“The shareholders of Meridian Port Holding, Africa Global Logistics (AGL) and APM Terminals are firmly committed to infrastructure development in Ghana, driven by the vision of creating a robust, interconnected and sustainable marine infrastructure network. We firmly believe that by investing in port infrastructure we can unlock Ghana’s full potential as a trade and economic powerhouse in the sub-region and beyond,” he said.

The focus of Phase-2 is on paving a substantial area measuring 270,000 square metres, utilising 14 million pavement blocks of the highest industry standards. This meticulous paving effort ensures the necessary stability required to accommodate heavy cranes operating within the area.

Furthermore, the project includes installing 16 kilometres (km) of cable conduits and 5.5km of drainage pipes, supporting the operational yard and expanding the terminal’s holding capacity from 80 hectares to 120 hectares.

During the contract finalisation meeting, Laurent Guilbaud – deputy Chief Executive Officer for EIFFAGE Génie Civil Marine SA, expressed his gratitude to MPS; emphasising the joint venture’s commitment to meeting all expectations and delivering the project within its designated time-frame.

“With our combined local and international expertise, we are confident in our ability to successfully execute Phase-2 of the Tema Port expansion project. We are proud to contribute in the development of this crucial national infrastructure,” stated Mr. Guilbaud.

Going green

In alignment with its corporate social initiative (CSI) objectives, and inspired by the launch of 2023 Green Ghana Day, Mr. Samara indicated that MPS plans to collaborate with the construction companies to undertake a phased tree-planting exercise.

This initiative aims to plant 1,000 trees along the beach and within the terminal, contributing to environmental sustainability.

He said the execution of Phase-2 for Tema Port will generate significant employment opportunities for construction workers, empowering them with enhanced skills for future endeavours.

“We firmly believe that infrastructure development must be pursued with a long-term perspective, taking into account sustainability, inclusivity and resilience. Our shareholders are committed to adhering to internationally recognised best practices, ensuring that infrastructure projects are executed with the utmost care for environmental and social considerations. We will actively seek to collaborate with all stakeholders and development partners to ensure that the Tema Port infrastructure initiatives yield tangible benefits for all stakeholders involved,” he added.

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