Launch of Exciting New Invention, Hable One - Empowers the Visually Impaired


Launch of Exciting New Invention, Hable One - Empowers the Visually Impaired

Location: Teachers Hall, Accra City Campus
Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) had the privilege of attending the much-awaited launch of Hable One in Accra on Wednesday, 26th July 2023. This groundbreaking event showcased an innovative Dutch invention that has the potential to revolutionize the way visually impaired individuals navigate and interact with mobile phones and laptops. At the event, Jemima Rockson and Grace Agorigo represented the GNBCC.

Introducing Hable One: Bridging the Gap

Hable One is a pioneering device that serves as a bridge between braille and technology, empowering blind individuals to perform various tasks that were once limited to those with sight. By linking braille to smartphones and laptops, Hable One opens up a world of possibilities, allowing users to accomplish tasks they were previously unable to do without assistance.

Empowering Accessibility

During the launch, one of the key concerns raised was how to make the Hable One accessible to people in rural areas. The team behind Hable One emphasized that teaching and learning to use the device is not difficult, as long as the user is familiar with braille. The Hable One team is working diligently to ensure that the device reaches visually impaired individuals in remote locations.

IT Center Support and Affordability

Participants were curious to know if there would be support for individuals who might face challenges in using the device properly. The Hable One team confirmed that an IT center would be established to provide training and assistance to users, ensuring they can make the most of this revolutionary technology.

Addressing the question of affordability, it was disclosed that the Hable One device is priced at €200. While it may not be available for free, the team has been successful in securing sponsorships from various individuals and is collaborating with businesses and private sector companies to sponsor devices for students. They are also actively seeking sponsorships from the Dutch business community.

Targeting Tertiary Students

Initially, Hable One is primarily aimed at tertiary students, as secondary school students and below are generally not allowed to carry phones to school. By targeting the tertiary education sector, Hable One aims to empower visually impaired students to excel in their studies and daily lives, bridging the accessibility gap that has long been a challenge for those with visual impairments.


The launch of Hable One marks a significant milestone in the quest for accessibility and inclusivity in technology. This Dutch invention has the potential to change the lives of visually impaired individuals, allowing them to embrace independence and participate in various aspects of life with confidence.

The GNBCC is proud to be associated with the launch of Hable One and extends its gratitude to the creators for their efforts in making technology more accessible to all. As the device gains momentum and reaches more individuals, it is sure to make a positive impact on the lives of countless visually impaired individuals, empowering them to explore new horizons with ease.

Note: If you wish to learn more about Hable One or contribute to their mission, visit their website at

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