Interview with GNBCC Premium Member, Fatoumata Doro, Managing Director of Tex Styles Ghana Limited.


Interview with GNBCC Premium Member, Fatoumata Doro, Managing Director of Tex Styles Ghana Limited.

On the 20th of July, Jemima Rockson, Project Manager at GNBCC, paid a visit to GNBCC Premium Member, Fatoumata Doro, Managing Director for Tex Styles Ghana Limited (TSGL), owned by Vlisco BV, producing GTP, Woodin while importing and distributing Vlisco in Ghana.

The MD of Tex Styles Ghana Limited, Fatoumata is so much more than at the helm of affairs of the oldest and biggest textiles company in Ghana, married with three children, her family is her constant source of inspiration. With over 10 years of international experience managing sizeable businesses within the FMCG sector, TSGL is relatively different from the FMCG businesses Fatoumata has led, given the complexity of the textiles industry and diversity of employees

However, joining TSGL has been an opportunity to impact the textile industry by helping improve the lives of women within the value chain.

Fatoumata being the first female Managing Director of TSGL since its establishment in 196O, Fatou embraced the prospect to inspire female employees and business partners by implementing initiatives and policies to encourage work-life integration and long- term sustainability of the business. These initiatives include educating women business partners (Distributors) on financial management, taxation, insurance, health and succession planning. Internally, female employees can now access full maternity coverage after delivery.

TSGL produces GTP and Woodin brands right here in Africa from the design conceptualisation, to production. The brand GTP, was recently repositioned into a premium brand to appeal and attract younger customers as well as bring new fabrics to excite loyal patrons. This included changing its tagline from Timeless to Life. Styled

From the Managing Director to the designers through to the distributors, the Ghanaian and Africa life is touched through the value chain. With 98% of its distributor as female, TSGL is creating employment and sustaining livelihoods for many.

The biggest accomplishment for Fatoumata and her team has been the ability to survive as a business regardless of the financial challenges of the past year. The textile industry in Ghana has seen the collapse of many businesses over the years. TSGL is one of three businesses that is still standing and the businesses combined have a market share of about 20%.

Sadly, 80% of the market is taken by counterfeits and copies imported into the country with designs, logos and trademarks of original brands such as GTP and Woodin.  These imported counterfeit fabrics are of inferior quality, with bleaching colours, smuggled into the country to avoid paying the required duties and taxes, thereby pricing the original, genuine and authentic GTP and Woodin fabrics out of the market.

 As a business, TSGL has created special features to distinguish its products from the inferior imitations. Customers are advised to lookout for the six digit numbers on the label of the fabric to ensure it matches what is printed at the edges of the fabric.

 In addition to the above, they can also look out for the Textiles Tax Stamps on the locally manufactured fabrics, launched by government in 2022 as part of measures to create a competitive market and mitigate the influx of imported fabrics.

 TSGL is confident of its relevance in the textile industry by creating awareness and introducing fabrics and outfits that appeal to the all demographic including younger Afrocentric and chic generation. This has informed its decision to introduce a more convenient shopping experience on its ecommerce platform    

Fatoumata finally shared the benefits of TSGL’s membership with the GNBCC, she mentioned that the networking events organized by the GBBCC Team was a fantastic time to learn from other industry players.  She ended, “It was helpful to meet other members who are working around the clock to navigate the economic challenges of the time”.   

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