Interview with Daniel Baisie Jnr, Director of Eco Index Agro Solutions


Interview with Daniel Baisie Jnr, Director of Eco Index Agro Solutions

GNBCC is pleased to share this article on its premium member, Eco Index Agro Solutions, based on an interview with Dr. Daniel Baisie Jnr, Director of Eco Index Agro Solutions.

Can you tell us about your journey to be becoming Country Director for Eco Index?

My real profession is an Organic Agronomist and Soil Scientist to be specific. There are different types of agronomists: they can be into crop science, insect science, animal health, plant diseases, cereal and grain, vegetables etc. My major area has to do with Soil Management.

I chose the Organic aspect because of its importance when we talk about Soil Science and putting the soil in good health. I majored in Microbiology and Biochemistry as in how to handle useful soil micro-organisms to increase its population and mineralization of plant nutrients just to mention a few. Mineral fertilizers do not help to build microbial population and therefore ends up not really benefitting these organisms. It feeds plants with nutrients only and messes up the soil structure with its continues usage That’s why the continuous use of synthetic fertilizers renders the soil unproductive and damages the biological properties of the soil including excessive contamination of underground water and affects the ecosystem as well.  

I have been in this field for about 20 years, and I am still very passionate about it. I make sure every soil I work on is as healthy as can be. I have been working with Eco Index Agro Solutions for 2 years now.

What is an achievement that you are proud of?

Being able to grow my own food organically for personal consumption, family and people in and around my space. It is heartwarming and something I am extremely excited about. I look out for the whole wide world to also consume food that is grown organically. Growing organically is truly the way to go and future of Agriculture especially with regards to healthy food security, safe and complete ecosystem, health and wellbeing of humans. 

What should members know about Eco Index?

Eco index Agro Solutions Limited is an Organic Agricultural company that finds itself in the organic space here in Ghana, number of African countries, USA, the Caribbean and yet to step into Europe. It’s one of the subsidiaries of Strategic security Systems owned by a Ghanaian. Eco Index Agro Solutions Limited is the last subsidiary formed for the past 5 years now.

We prepare special blends of organic granular fertilizers that suites wide range of different crops including tree crops. Taking into consideration the type of soil(s) and its condition. This special blend of organic granular fertilizers ensures the soil health and feeds the plants. With much better understanding of how plants make efficient use of nutrient for it healthy growth and maximum yields, we have one of the best globally known organic liquid fertilizer with a brand name called begreen-F. It has 10 different plant nutrients readily available to plants after application by foliar means. This organic liquid fertilizer also works perfectly on wide range of crops, and we own the sole distributorship for the entire African continent. We have our own organic farms that we produce organic vegetables and herbs for the local markets and grows roots, tubers, nuts and fruits with added values as well as other indigenous value-added organic products for international markets.

Eco Index offers services such as consultants for organic farms, Soil Management (exclusively) training and build capacities for farm managers, supervisors and farmers which cuts across even with the cocoa sector, arable land reclamation operations and practices, research in organics, promotes and advocacy in biodiversity, agroecology and address climate variation issues. The sales and supply of organically sourced planting materials and other organic inputs used to control insect pest.   

Our main stakeholders here in Ghana is Ghana Coco board, ministry of Food & Agriculture and number of like-minded partners.

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