Introducing GNBCC New Member: Redgold Agri Complex Ltd 


Introducing GNBCC New Member: Redgold Agri Complex Ltd 

Established in 2020, Redgold Agri Complex Ltd is an esteemed agriculture company that operates in a greenhouse production and wholesale distribution of premium beef and cherry tomatoes. Our operations are conducted within a pristine and hygienic environment adhering rigorously to the most stringent agricultural practice and industry standards. Spanning a sprawling 20-hectare site, situated at Volo in the Volta Region. 

Our advanced net greenhouse technology is employed to ensure the local production of fresh, high quality beef and cherry tomatoes, reflecting our dedication to unamached quality. 

RedGold places high value on producing fresh, hygienic, traceable, longer shelf-life, quality and year-round production of tomatoes. 

Deliveries are on Monday & Thursdays to fulfil weekday and weekend orders. Prices are seasonal-driven with exception of long-term contracts. Packaging is optimised to suit our customers needs and to minimise losses and damages of tomatoes. 

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