GhanaWeb down, new management takeover, staff exit leave users in the dark?


GhanaWeb down, new management takeover, staff exit leave users in the dark?

In a surprising turn of events, GhanaWeb, the nation's premier news and information platform, is currently grappling with internal challenges that have left its user community bewildered and concerned. The unfolding saga involves a sudden change in domain extension to (.live), a shift in leadership, and disturbing messages from key workers within the company.

Users first noticed the portal's unavailability some days now, prompting questions about the site's functionality. Founder and CEO Robert Bellaart reportedly urged the community to adopt the new (.live) extension, raising eyebrows over the abrupt nature of this request. It is reported that the situation escalated when David Antwi unexpectedly introduced himself as the new CEO, advising users to disregard the (.live) extension and label it as "Rogue," adding a layer of uncertainty to the unfolding narrative.

The contradictory messages from the company leadership have reportedly fueled speculations of internal conflicts, exacerbated by the unavailability of key sections like "About" and "Contact" on the website, both displaying messages indicating construction. This has raised concerns about the site's operational stability, further deepening the mystery surrounding GhanaWeb's current state.

GhanaWeb, which belongs to a foreigner, holds a significant position in the hearts of its users. The unexpected developments not only seen some staff declared redundant but have stirred a sense of urgency among the loyal community, prompting a resolution not only for a seamless user experience but also out of respect for the reputable company that GhanaWeb has become over the years.

The company's leadership owes its audience an explanation for the sudden changes, the introduction of (.live), the leadership transition, and the apparent construction status of key website sections.

The unfortunate events surrounding GhanaWeb have left users puzzled and concerned. It is the hope of many that Ghanaweb quickly resolve any issue if truly there is to continue serving its reading public.

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